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24 Apr

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

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Why to Invest in 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali during Lockdown? No Comments

Why to Invest in 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali during Lockdown?

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us that uncertainties come unexpectedly and we should stay prepared to fight every situation anytime. Lockdown has given people enough time to understand the passive investment options and secure the future of your family.

There are many investment options such as Mutual Funds, SIP, Stock Markets, etc. but nothing has been proved as reliable as real estate. Even if the markets start recovering post lockdown, it would take decades to get back to the normal position. A big recession has already been triggered. Amid fluctuating economy, stock exchange crashing, vulnerability conditions of the private banks, etc., real estate is the only ray of hope.

Why you should invest in 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali now?

Buying a 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali is completely different from buying the bonds or shares or paper money. Purchasing a residential property is an addition to your non-perishable and tangible asset list. This is the main reason why real estate still stands rock-solid in these times of uncertainties and promises a high ROI even in a situation like this.

Buying your own 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali ensures that you don’t have to pay the rent anymore. You can hold the asset tangibly, unlike other traditional perishable investment options. Also, it promises an attractive and stable income return right from day one. The rental income coming by renting your flat in Mohali is much higher than other archaic investment preferences. The annual appreciations additionally ensure a good income every month even in the tough times like today.

The world post-COVID-19 lockdown would witness the reverse migration of Indians from other countries. This is because India has contained the virus in a better way as compared to the rest of the world. NRI’s are keeping their eyes on 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali, the most loved and popular real-estate segment overseas.

Why buy 3BHK+1+1 during lockdown?

“Having an own home” is a long and undying desire of every human being. No one likes to live on rent or in a small apartment for their entire life. People prefer spacious homes in the lap of nature amid lush green outskirts that offer a soul-satisfying experience.

Most of the people interested in buying a 3BHK+1+1 flat in Mohali are keeping their decision on hold, till the lockdown opens up. Indeed, people are scared of the speculations in the market regarding the economic conditions of the market.

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But a clever investor who is keenly observing the changing market trends would testify buying an independent/floor in Mohali. In fact, buying a 3BHK+1+1 would be the smartest move made by the investor ever. Here’s why:

RBI has announced a reduction in repo rate by 0.75%; this will eventually decrease the home loan interest rates. So, if you are planning to buy a home in the near future, then grab this opportunity for some better rates.

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There may be a possibility that the builders may announce more lucrative deals or offers. To maintain their goodwill and the interest of customers, many developers have come up with innovative ideas/deals as a part of their marketing campaign. You can expect to buy your own home at a great negotiated price in this lockdown.

Due to social distancing measures being adopted, Independent Floors such as 3BHK+1+1 have become the first choice of the investors. The area shared with other residential units in floors is negligible and ensures your privacy and independence.

Strike the iron when it’s hot” and the iron is hottest right now!

To gain maximum returns and capital appreciation, buy a 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali this Lockdown and enjoy extensive ROI down the line.

The Bottom Line

[email protected] brings you luxuriously designed grandeur 3BHK+1+1 floors in Wave Estate in the heart of Mohali. With a spacious store and servant room, investing in [email protected] would be the best decision of your life. Contact us at +91 97001 97007 or drop an email at [email protected] to know more about this RERA registered premium housing project. Explore more at

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