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Why Low Rise Floors are better than High Rise Flats?
23 Jun

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

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Why Low Rise Floors are Better than High Rise Flats? No Comments

Why Low Rise Floors are Better than High Rise Flats?

The real estate sector has been growing leaps and bounds since the past decade. The ever-rising incomes of the individuals powered by easy approvals of home loans are fueling the real estate industry to bring new and innovative alternatives to the residential units.

Not everyone is willing to book an apartment on a skyscraper or can afford expensive villas or bungalows.

Is there any middle path?

Yes, there is!

Builder Floors are the best-suited option and fall perfectly within the budget of every individual.

The millennials, today, consider taking luxury and lifestyle hand in hand. This is one of the main reasons as to why a lot of preference is being given these days to stylish low rise builder floors than high rise flats. The concept of builder floors is gaining popularity amongst the independent buyers especially in metro cities like Chandigarh- Tricity, Bangalore, Delhi- NCR, Pune, Kolkata and other tier-II cities in India. There are many buyers, however, who still don’t understand the difference between high rise apartments and low rise builder floors. As a result, they fail miserably in making the right choice for their housing needs.

Let me throw a light on basic differences between the two:

Builder Floors

Builder Floors are buildings which consist of generally three to four floors or sometimes even less. In these low rise floors, a single dwelling area is provided per floor to one individual. This means one single family has full authorization to the entire floor offering a greater level of privacy.

High Rise Residential Apartments

In a high rise residential project, there are many floors depending upon the government clearances. One floor in such an apartment consists of a number of apartments (2, 3 or 4 BHK) which means more than one family is residing and sharing the same floor.

Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of the builder floors:

1.    Affordable Deal

Why pay a hefty amount for independent bungalows or villas when you can get the same independence and privacy in Builder floors?

It’s the price difference which makes low rise floor a lucrative option for everyone who wants a high-quality lifestyle at limited cost. Apart from the much-needed luxury and privacy offered by an entire floor, there are no maintenance fees and other unwanted charges which are levied in a high rise apartment.

2.    Approachable Locality

High rise apartments need some extra construction clearances from the government, so they are situated mostly out of the city vicinity. Builder floors are usually located in the posh and more developed areas of the city. So, occupants can enjoy good connectivity to all major landmarks of the city such as schools, hospitals, malls, etc. I would say that buying a builder floor is a lifestyle decision.

3.    Local Flavor

The real flavor of the city can be best seen at the eye-level. Undoubtedly, views from skyscrapers can be stunning but seeing people in a way that calls for connection and relationship building is not possible. The reason is simple, people living on high floors of a high-rise apartment building are less likely to leave their flats and mingle with people. Occupants living on low rise floors connect with the city and people pretty easily. High Rise flats offer a living that has no street life and is monotonously encapsulated in gated communities.

4.       Closer to Street and Green Spaces

If you have a disabled or elderly person living with you, low rise floors become an obvious choice. Also, in case of emergencies such as earthquakes, fire breakouts or serious health issues, it is easy to approach the ground from low rise floors.

High Rise apartments make no visual sense to a person walking down the lane at eye-level. The residents are totally lost and engulfed in houses which are isolating and dehumanizing.

Buying a builder floor which is at max four floors high will make you see people from the balcony or windows. This increases the chances of social encounters as well as propinquity.

5.    Great Reselling Prices

High rise flats are subjected to the effect of too much wind and too much sun on every type of glass or paint. So, they require frequent maintenance as compared to low-rise builder floors. So, even if you are planning to sell or rent out your floor, you can expect a good value for money.  

Why Invest in [email protected]?

With the elegance of landscaped gardens and luxurious contemporary amenities, [email protected] is all set to bang the hearts of people in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali. Located in the prestigious Wave Estate (Sector 85), this robust housing project is the best conglomeration of luxury apartments and indeed the safest place to reside in the Tricity.

The site is RERA approved and has passed the entire testing criterion such as soil and material quality. Investing in canvas is the call. Why? Have a look:

  •         Its prime location makes it notable and distinguishable.
  •         It is the safest place to reside as the low-rise floors are walled from all four sides.
  •         Closer proximity to the city’s major locations such as Airport, Elante Mall, IT Park, Indian Business School, other major Hospitals and schools.
  •         Lush-green surroundings with exquisitely crafted gardens and a vast expanse of open and fresh space.  

The construction is going on in full swing and shall be completed on time. With unprecedented locational advantage as well as unparalleled architectural design, [email protected] is undoubtedly an unrivaled name in the residential properties of the area.    

So, when are you booking your floor with us?

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