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Why it is important to Visit the Construction site of your Dream Home?
19 Oct

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

Why it is important to Visit the Construction site of your Dream Home? No Comments

Why it is important to Visit the Construction site of your Dream Home?

We have discussed that how often you should pay a site visit for your under construction 3BHK+1+1 flat in Mohali. This article discusses the importance of site visit and what all aspects you need to take care of during your site visit.

It’s a beautiful feeling to see how your dream home comes to life from concrete a structure to internal finishing. It is vital to make sure that the quality of your 3BHK+1+1 floor in Mohali should match up with the blueprint. All the things are as per the plan, fittings and timeline.

It may seem tough to spot or comment on the quality of materials used or construction but any deviation from the master plan could easily be spotted. By staying vigilant and aware, you can keep a check that the approved designs and the actual one is in line. And the best way to do is to perform a site visit. Let’s explore how site visit could be helpful to take an informed decision.

·        Meeting the Sales Team

The sales team is responsible for casting the first impression. You can proceed to next step of sample flat and show flat after all your queries are answered by the team. A builder who is honest and transparent to its customer will never say no to your request of showing the sample flat or the actual airport road Mohali flats. In fact, the builder as well the team would feel proud to show their efforts that they have poured to make your ready to move 3BHK+1+1 flat, a perfect choice.

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·        Quality Aspect

Another reason to pay a visit to under construction 3BHK+1+1 flats in Mohali is to estimate the quality aspects of the offered home. Enquire about the technical specifications, electrical connections, plumbing aspects and the construction material used. The bathroom fittings and other woodwork can easily be inspected.

·        Authenticity of the Builder

By performing a site visit you can easily evaluate if all the promised claims by the builder are genuine or fake. Visiting the site gives a clear picture of the neighbourhood, amenities offered and security levels of the project.

·        Progress

Timely possession is one of the prime concerns of every home buyer when it comes to investing their hard-earned savings. Paying regular visits to the construction site of your airport road 3BHK+1+1 flats in Mohali, helps the buyer to estimate the progress and pace of the construction.

·        Comparison

Taking decision based on the ample flat is not a great idea. It is imperative that the buyer should request the sales team or builder to visit the actual flat or under constructed flat. This will help the buyer to get a better idea on fittings, materials and spacing.

·        Amenities and Locality

If you are buying a 3BHK+1+1 flat on societies on airport road Mohali, then there is no better deal than that. By paying a site visit you can easily inspect the connectivity of the place. The society or the township should be well connected with highways, road and railways. Also, make sure that all the important places of the city such as hospitals, schools and other entertainment places should be in proximity.

All the amenities promised such as parking space, store, club house, swimming pool etc should be properly constructed.

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·        Impact of the Internet

Due to advanced technology, most of the builders are offering virtual tours of their project. The prospective home buyers are enjoying this facility as they can take a tour of their dream property from the comfort of their home. But that cannot eliminate the need of actual site visit.

The information presented on the internet may be misleading. Experts suggest that virtual site-visits may be an option for shortlisting the properties but cannot be a basis for the final decisions.

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