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home seekers today prefer 3+1 BHK
26 Sep

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

Why Home Seekers Today Prefer 3+1 BHK as Compared to Conventional 3 BHK? No Comments

Why Home Seekers Today Prefer 3+1 BHK as Compared to Conventional 3 BHK?

The latest luxury residential projects launched in the Tricity are setting benchmarks for other cities in India to follow. The upcoming projects offering 3+1BHK are all set to revamp the Chandigarh’s skyline. When we talk about the luxury it means spacious layouts, great modern amenities, fully secure and gated premises, sufficient parking space and one extra room. Millennials in Tricity always sneak around the internet not just for a top-notch locality or world-class amenities, but space.  “Space” is actually the desired luxury! Have a look at why home seekers prefer 3+1BHK over conventional 3BHK in Mohali.

1.     Servant Room

For every nuclear family emerging into the urban milieu, maids and servants have become an indispensable part of their lifestyle. The women today have to juggle between children, household chores and sometimes office as well. Additional domestic help is needed to strike the work-life balance. So, that extra room provided along with 3BHK flat in Mohali can serve as a servant room.

The domestic help can take rest in between long working hours. In-fact, with both the spouses working, people prefer to go for an in-house maid. Things become far easier with that additional room. If you are a socialite, then you have a maid/servant always ready to serve your guests. It not only ensures privacy but prevents the homeowners from cobbling up the things. A separate servant room along with separate washroom at Canvas, Wave Estate Mohali is designed to match your style and status.

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2.     Additional Storage

Every family has reserved some extra furniture in case someone comes to live with them for a longer period. If the store is already occupied with grocery, suitcases or other items, it becomes difficult to free up this space for furniture. Apart from that, only a few 3BHK Flats in Mohali are providing a store.

The additional room provided by Canvas, Wave Estate Mohali helps the homeowners to utilize the space as a supplementary store. It can be used to store spare furniture, TV, almirah, spare parts, kid’s cycle, etc.

3.     Hobby Class

Conducting a hobby class at home such as dancing, singing, music, craft etc becomes difficult with continuous disturbance from family, kids or pets. The additional room can seamlessly be converted into a hobby class. This, in turn, will motivate the homemakers to do what they love to do for some extra money.

4.     Future

Everyone is concerned about their present as well as the posterity. It needs a lot of planning before buying a 3BHK in Mohali. People need to rigorously vet over several factors before signing the dotted line. Millennials today aren’t ready to compromise on connectivity or convenience for a grandeur lifestyle. With 3 bedrooms dedicated to kids, parents/guests and spouses themselves, an additional room acts as a bonus.

The room can be turned into a play zone, study room or a room for drivers (of guests) to relax. So, having an additional room adds to the luxury and leisure of the homeowners.

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5.     Home Office

The room is a great option for the ones who want to earn some extra income by working online. College students or home-makers prefer to earn at home without going into complications of a separate office.  The small room with 3BHK Flat in Mohali offers ample space to accommodate the gadgets along with a table and chair. In fact, it’s a great place for backroom boys and freelancers!

Millennials and incumbents availing “work from home” option from their offices can easily work without any interruption from kids or family. They can keep the room locked to prevent anyone from entering and invading the room.

6.     Rent It Out

There is no hiding that most of the people rent out the extra room as PG to single workers or students. This doesn’t only generate additional income but is best for safety reasons as well. The homeowners always have a person to look out in case of emergencies or when they are out of the city for a few days.

The popularity of Canvas at sector 85, Wave Estate is growing leaps and bounds as it offers luxuriously designed 3+1BHK floors in Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali). With unmatched quality materials and fittings, the site indeed is nonpareil. The location enjoys closer proximity to major landmarks as well as the airport.

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