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Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Floor Flat in Tricity
14 Jul

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

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Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Floor/ Flat in Tricity No Comments

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Floor/ Flat in Tricity

Are you looking for a residential floor/flat in Tricity? If your answer is yes, you must read this before striking a deal.

Buying or investing in a floor/flat is one of the most crucial and paramount decisions of one’s life. This eventually is the biggest dream that everyone has been nurturing since a very young age. The decision is not impromptu but requires years of planning, savings and a lot of market research. So, it is important to do the homework properly and inquire about all possible points before taking the leap. You need to be extra careful while striking a deal as buying a home may involve taking a home-loan followed by monthly installments.

 Mohali is the fastest growing real estate hub in North India and offers a well sought-after location for home buyers in the Tricity. Before buying a 2 or 3 BHK flat/floor in the Tricity, there are several factors which you need to consider. As a buyer, you may get influenced by the builder gimmicks or fake touts. So, it is very important to keep your eyes open and not to trust anyone blindly. Here are some deeper level parameters which you need to zero-in-on before sealing the deal.

1.  Location

Location is indeed the first factor which influences the decision of the buyers. Connectivity to major landmarks, airports, hospitals, schools, market, etc is one of the usual factors which play a vital role in decision making.

Our Project Canvas is located in the heart of the city which makes it notable and distinguishable. Canvas offers direct access to all major landmarks of the Tricity like Chandigarh International Airport which is just 10 Kms away. Top Hospitals, Zoo and famous Malls are also located within a drive of 10 minutes.  

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2.  Property Price

While you are on a home hunt, it’s better to have a pre-set budget so that it becomes easier for you to shortlist the options. Don’t go on the price demanded by the builder or the owner; always inquire about the prices from nearby areas so that you get to know if there are any chances of negotiation and genuineness of the prices that have been quoted to you. You can easily enquire through the internet, newspaper listings or other property dealers, etc.

3.  Carpet Area

It has been seen that most of the builders list the entire area of the plot including the stairs, elevators, the thickness of walls, etc as the property area. But it is very important to know the actual area offered or the carpet area. Carpet area is the actual area between the walls of an independent floor/flat. The area usually offered is approximately 30% less than what it is quoted initially.

4.      Builder’s Reputation

Buying a property is a lifetime decision, so it is recommended to have a proper background and reputation check of the owner or builder. Enquire about the builder’s past works. It’s always a good idea to talk to the other occupants of the floors or flats to have a better understanding of the behavior and personality of the builder.   

5.  Construction Quality

Visit the site and inspect yourself for the quality of construction material and the fittings used. A genuine builder will have all the government clearance records and will not hesitate to show them to the potential buyers. The reputation of the builder and owners can even be verified online. A genuine builder will have a registered website as well as a good digital presence and reputation.

We have used the best quality fittings and quality construction materials for Canvas at Wave Estate. The land has RERA clearance and has passed all the pre-construction checks.  The land topography and soil quality have already been verified before construction.

6.  Apartment Possession

Delayed possessions have become a common affair for most of the builders. Being a buyer, you must ask for a clear timeline of the project and possession time. Meanwhile, you should also keep an eye on how things are going on site. Most of the times, the builder or the developer seeks a grace period of six months. That should be fine but the builder must have a valid explanation for the same.  

 Mohali is fastest growing and sought-after real estate destination in the Tricity. With all facilities of a developing hub such as International airport, Hospitals, Malls, educational institutes, excellent connectivity to all major landmarks, IT parks, etc, Mohali has witnessed an increase in real estate value as well as capital appreciation in the past couple of years. But before you seal the deal, make sure that you remember all the above-mentioned points.

Hence, it’s a perfect time to invest in Canvas and feel the happiness of buying your dream home!


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