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Quality Construction
08 Jul

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: ‘A Backbone for Any Developer’ & Free Marketing for Future Projects No Comments

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: ‘A Backbone for Any Developer’ & Free Marketing for Future Projects

When talking about construction or a Real Estate project, the first thought which is bound to come to a developer’s mind is how to strike a balance between time, quality and cost. The Real Estate Industry has seen several ups and downs and has witnessed variegated challenges and varied opinions over the years. However, this has not deterred anyone’s faith in the industry and people are in fact always ready to pay any amount to make their families comfortable and to ensure that they receive good value for their money.

In order to gain the reputation of a successful builder or developer, the project being developed should strictly adhere to all quality and safety-related guidelines. In this blog, I shall discuss how and why quality construction is termed as the backbone for any developer. Also, why it is considered as an opportunity for free marketing for future projects?

But, before moving ahead let’s understand what exactly do I mean by quality construction.

What is Quality Construction?

Talking in general terms, quality construction stands for offering a project which is free from any defects or variations, uses good quality building materials, adheres to all major laws and other verifiable standards, complying with all government regulations and successfully completing all testing such as soil, etc and delivering exactly what was planned and designed.

Quality construction aims to achieve the desired standards so as to gain customer satisfaction, business reputation, long term competitiveness and brand name in the market.

In short, a developer ensures that all the things are done as per the initial plans, drawings, blueprints, and permit requirements.

Why Quality Construction is considered Backbone for any Project?

Let’s check out some key reasons which ensue considering quality construction as the backbone for the developer as well as the project.

Complying With Specifications

Complying with the specifications helps the developer complete the project as per the approved drawings and design records. At the same time, it also ensures that the project not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations and standards.
The construction phase is not related to cost factor as all the major decisions related to the finalized project are already been taken during the initial planning and design phases. Everything related to building materials, specifications, functional performances, etc are already decided at the pre-construction stages. The main role of quality construction here is to adhere to all original designs and other planning decisions.

Cost Reduction

Do you know that a single failure or defect in any constructed facility can elevate the total cost?

Even if the construction site requires a minimum of re-construction or repairing of the minor defects, it’s not only the cost but also the time to completion that gets extended.

Quality Construction helps the developers in cost reduction by reducing the levels of rework, thereby improving efficiency and productivity.

CANVAS Quality Construction

Quality construction was our first priority while designing and planning the ‘Canvas’. Not only PREMIUM building materials have been used everywhere but also the soil was tested beforehand by Government Certified Agencies. This was done to ensure that the building is earthquake resistant as well as corrosion proof. Furthermore, all the structural drawings have been made by qualified structure engineers. In order to deliver the best, we have partnered with the best. A list of our partners include:

  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • KONE
  • Tata Tiscon
  • Schneider Electric
  • ABB
  • Kajaria
  • Hettich
  • RR Kabel
  • Kohler
  • Havells
  • Jaquar
  • Johnson Lifts & Escalators

Quality Construction leads to Free Marketing of Future Projects

A great quality constructed project helps the developer to capture and maintain leadership, reputation and market share. Let’s see how that’s achieved.

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Good Online Profile

We all are netizens and use the internet on a daily basis to search even for a local shop or any product. So, when it comes for property investment or buying a house, customers use the internet to gather information regarding the builder, company and its past/upcoming projects. Having a good search engine ranking is very essential to oust your competitors and survive in the industry.

Offering good quality construction in your project pitches you good leads, reviews, high traffic on your website, good social media profiles with huge likes, shares, testimonials and recommendations.

Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is not only loyal to you but also act as your brand ambassador. The most powerful marketing strategy i.e. ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing has its roots in a satisfied customer. You must continually work towards improvement especially in areas where you feel that satisfaction level is low. A real recommendation or testimonial from a person you already know is much more powerful and pulling than any other marketing strategy.


Quality construction helps the developers to upkeep high reputation, status and brand power. Successfully delivering quality projects automatically boosts public awareness of the company and helps in building a positive and impressive image amongst them.

In a Quick Go

Quality Construction offers

  • Cost Savings in the longer run
  • Good brand reputation and goodwill
  • Recommendations that will convert leads to business (free marketing)
  • Assurance during natural crisis or calamities
  • Time and Money Savings

Creating Excellence at Canvas

We at Canvas, have meticulously reviewed our designs for compatibility and effectiveness with the local environment for both pre, during and post-construction operations. All the professionals related to construction work have been given adequate quality training so as to enhance project quality.

Canvas is all set to offer dream homes to the people of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula at unbeatable quality and prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your floor now!

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