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Mistakes Made by First-Time Homebuyers in Mohali
21 Nov

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

Mistakes Made by First-Time Homebuyers in Mohali No Comments

Mistakes Made by First-Time Homebuyers in Mohali

Mohali is one of the most prime and affordable cities in India that boasts of good infrastructure and employment opportunities. The skyline is dotted with many multi-storeyed buildings and numerous new projects are in pipeline offering mid to affordable housing options in Mohali. The global connectivity and upcoming development initiatives by the local government are tremendously changing the dynamics of the city. For a common man, buying a home is once in a lifetime moment and the decision has to be taken diligently. This post entails some of the common mistakes made by first-time home-buyers in Mohali and how to avoid them.

3BHK in Mohali- 5 Benefits of Apartment Living in Mohali for Family and Kids

1.     2 BHK or 3 BHK- The Biggest Confusion

If you have kids or are planning to have them soon, buying a 2BHK is not a good decision. There is a misconception that 3BHKs are way too expensive than 2BHK ones. The difference between the price of a 2BHK and 3BHK in Mohali is not huge. In fact, an extra bedroom that can be utilized in ample ways and thus, ensuring a spacious living. Most of the homebuyers buy the home looking at the present needs and not taking the future into account. Upgrading a 2BHK into 3BHK is a tedious task and involves a lot of formalities and of course, money.

The Meaning of an Ideal 3BHK in Mohali for Millennials

2.     Ignoring Store

If you are coming from a small town, you can very well understand the importance of a store. Every family needs a good separate space to store groceries, spare suitcases, mattresses, bathroom items and other unused items. Opting for a 3BHK in Mohali with a capacious store frees up your cupboard space and makes the home look more tidy and spacious.

3 BHK in Mohali- Importance of Separate Servant Washroom & Rest Area

3.     Parking Space

Most of the families residing in Mohali have both spouses working. The 3BHK Flats in Mohali face a severe space constraint as they offer just a single vehicle parking space. The space is barely sufficient for just one car. In fact, there isn’t any room left even to park a two-wheeler. Parking a second car is beyond question. So, always cross-check with the parking space that goes unnoticed most of the times even by the brokers.

Why Home Seekers Today Prefer 3+1 BHK as Compared to Conventional 3 BHK?

4.     Document Verification

Searching an ideal 3BHK flat in Mohali is time-consuming but worth the energy spent. Location is always the first point in every homebuyer’s checklist but it’s vital to verify the documents before signing the dotted line. Property documents, agreements, certificates and other NOC’s must be properly vetted. It’s better to be cautious at initial stages rather than to cry over the spilled milk.

5.     Setting Your Limits

The first time home buyers usually underestimate their budget and just focus on the price of the 3BHK Flat in Mohali. Even if you are opting for a home loan, every homebuyer should understand that they have more expenses to meet as well. The monthly expenses such as groceries, credit card payments, insurance premiums, bills (electricity, water and phone), student fee, etc. cannot be ignored. The home buyers should know their spending limits and how much they can afford. Trying to stretch beyond the limits could be catastrophic. So, stretch your legs according to the coverlet.

6.     Being Swept Away

Most of the agents and brokers have nothing to do with your dreams; they are just concerned about selling the property and making a commission. It’s common to make a wrong choice, get trapped and be swept by their gimmicks.  The homebuyers should inspect the property at their level as well. Enquire about the prices from the nearby localities and neighborhoods. Look over the water supply, electricity and other basic amenities. A single blip may cost you your entire life’s savings.

Finding a Real Estate Developer with all the Right Credentials

7.     Hidden Costs

The excitement goes uncontrollable the moment the homeowners receive the possession of their dream 3BHK flat in Mohali. But the moment they start believing that things are going on-track, a bunch of hidden costs awaits them. These hidden costs are sufficient enough to overshoot the expenses. In reality, these are not the hidden per-se but are often the overlooked ones. These costs include registration cost, relocation cost, maintenance deposit, GST, broker fee, parking space cost, etc. These costs are unavoidable, but a proper budget planning can set the things right.


8.     Choose a Floor over Flat

Most of the families living on the same floor hardly come to terms with each other. Everyone needs their own privacy and independence which is certainly not possible in a flat life. People are ready to pay a hefty amount for villas and bungalows just to have peace of mind. Builder floors are increasingly becoming a much sought-after option amongst the home seekers. A low rise builder floor offers independence and privacy with a sprinkling of grandeur lifestyle at an affordable price. The homeowners need not pay any maintenance or other unwanted charges that are usually levied in a high rise multi-storeyed apartment.

Why Low Rise Floors are better than High Rise Flats?

The RERA approved [email protected], located in Wave Estate Mohali is gaining popularity due to its exquisitely designed luxurious 3+1+1 BHK low rise floors. The dual parking space and a commodious store are designed as per the needs of a modern family. Bookings are already punching above their weight after the unveiling of the beautiful sample home.

With unprecedented architectural design and unparalleled locational advantage, [email protected] is one of the much sought-after names not only in North India but amongst NRI’s as well.

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