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Investing in 3BHK+1+1 Living Space is Trending in Mohali
05 Mar

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

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Investing in 3BHK+1+1 Living Space is Trending in Mohali No Comments

Investing in 3BHK+1+1 Living Space is Trending in Mohali

Buying a house is the epoch-making decision of one’s life. But, there’s a constant battle going on among choosing 2 BHK, 3BHK or 3BHK+1+1 option. Most of us end up backing the wrong horse.

This post of [email protected] discusses how can you make a perfect choice and put an end to this perpetual dilemma. But, to make a well-informed buying decision, you must conduct proper research and gather comprehensive knowledge beforehand.

1.      Think About Posterity and Future

Investing in a 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali is an unequivocal choice if you plan to safeguard your future. Home is a lifetime asset, so it’s important to back on something that serves our posterity as well. Joint families are ubiquitous in India.

A 3BHK+1+1 is the cream of the crop. An additional room and a commodious store are the need of the day. Lack of store often makes the home look untidy and clumsy. The additional room can be used as a servant room or can be converted into a pooja (worship) room.

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Having a 3BHK+1+1 in sector 85, Mohali would offer you grandeur and spacious living that reduces your commuting time to the office.

2.      Space is no Longer an Issue

Space has always been the bone of contention for nuclear family millennials. With a 3BHK+1+1, you already have a spare room where you can make your guests or parents stay.

3BHK in Mohali- 5 Benefits of Apartment Living in Mohali for Family and Kids

Also, you may need an additional room in the near future that acts as a hobby room or study room for kids. Also, you don’t have to look for a separate rest area if your guests turn up with a driver or maid.

The spacious store easily accommodates all your kid’s toys that would have made their room look cluttered and unorganized.

Buying a 3BHK+1+1 in sector 85, one of the posh residential areas in Mohali would mean a worthy investment for lifetime.

3.      Competitive Pricing

Most of the people end up buying 2BHK considering it as the best-suited option as per their family needs and finances. But, looking into the growing needs for space over time, quick possession 3BHK+1+1 is trending. The price difference between a 2BHK and 3BHK+1+1 is not high either.

A little peep into your finances would help you take the best and most pragmatic decision of your life. With a growing gig and freelancing world, people need a separate room as their work-place. The additional room makes things go sorted!

The real estate is flooded with many residential options. You need to be diligent enough to find the right project and builder with the right credentials. Choose a RERA approved project that offers quality life and best amenities at your doorstep.

4.      Status Symbol

Everyone wishes to live in a home that casts a bewitching spell on the guests. Excellent architecture, superb spacing and lush green gardens in a gated society is something that everyone desires.

Staying in a flat pulls up certain restrictions and hampers your privacy as well. Having a 3BHK+1+1 floor in sector 85 ensures easy accessibility and posh locality. The floor offers the desired independence and the gated premises of Wave Estate promises safety.

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[email protected]: Building Awe-inspiring Residences amid Nature

[email protected] is a burgeoning name in the real estate sector in the 3BHK+1+1 segment. Nonpareil architecture, matchless location and modern amenities are its USP. Strategically and picturesquely ensconced in the foothills of Shivaliks, [email protected] is a dream home for everyone.

Mohali is rising on the liveability quotient among tier-II cities. All thanks to sturdy actions taken by the state government and GMADA that have made Mohali a much sough-after residential place in pan India. Buy 3BHK+1+1 in [email protected], Wave Estate in Mohali and reap major returns in the future.

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