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Independent Floor Living- Luxury and Affordability
09 Jan

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

Independent Floor Living- An Excellent Combination of Luxury and Affordability No Comments

Independent Floor Living- An Excellent Combination of Luxury and Affordability

Skyscrapers often inspire people to live a luxurious and grand lifestyle. But, the feeling isn’t the same for everyone. Not everyone wants to touch the sky. In fact, with the growing preoccupation of lives, millennials need their own separate space. A space that gives them independence, freedom and peace of mind and at the same time strikes a balance between affordability and luxury.

Going for villas or bungalows is not everyone’s cup of tea and opting for a 3BHK flat in multi-storey apartment hampers the most desired freedom. Independent low-rise builder floors are an ideal choice for a plush lifestyle in Mohali. The concept of floors is burgeoning in the smart city of Mohali and is much sought after residential option for homebuyers of all generations.

What are the Builder Floors?

Builder floors are low-rise buildings with each floor offering an independent residential unit. As there is only one dwelling unit on each floor, it means more space, more flexibility and more independence.

Why Millennials Prefer Independent Floor Living?

A major reason people prefer independent floors in Mohali is the exclusivity offered by them. Apart from that let’s delve into several major factors that make builder floors an ideal choice for modern home buyers.

1.      Spacious

If you love to live on your own terms, then go for a 3+1+1BHK floor in Mohali without a second thought. These floors are designed to suit the demands and preferences of the millennials. The ardent architecture created by professional architects ensures that you have ample space at your disposal. You can alter it, as per your wish without interference from your neighbors.

Joint families are ubiquitous in India. So, buying a home with 3 bedrooms becomes essential. Homebuyers of nuclear families also prefer having a 3BHK due to the growing needs of the families. Read More.

2.      Plush Lifestyle

3+1+1BHK Independent floors in Mohali offer a lot of grandeur amenities along with the spacious architecture of the floor. Get access to all the comforts and conveniences of life on one single floor. The builder floors in Mohali are adorned with a plethora of amenities such as dedicated lifts, kids play area, lavish green spaces, uninterrupted power supply and much more.

3.      2 Car Parkings

Often the residents of multi-storey buildings complain of only one car space. The reason is simple- the apartments have to accommodate a number of residents in a limited space. Due to more number of flats, the parking area allotted to each home is bound to get reduced. While on a builder floor, there are only a few floors per building. So, you easily get a minimum of 2 car parking spaces per builder floor.

4.      Safety and Surveillance

The builder floors are a part of a gated society or estate. So, they come with a high level of security and surveillance. The entrance and exit are guarded by a professional security agency with a guard sitting 24/7 to ensure round the clock security. Apart from that, CCTV cameras are installed at various building premises to rule out any chances of a security breach.

5.      3+1+1 BHK

Rather than traditional 3BHKs in Mohali, the builders are coming up with new plans of offering 3+1+1BHKs. Two additional rooms are offered apart from regular 3BHK. The rooms can be used as servant quarters/ driver rooms/ hobby rooms/ small offices. The builder understands the customers’ pulse and their need for more space. Click here to read more about why people working in MNCs and other corporate offices prefer 3+1+1 BHK.

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6.    Good proximity to major Facilities

Independent 3+1+1 BHK floors in Mohali are well planned and located in a prime area of the city. The location has been selected in such a way that a plethora of facilities is close by such as schools, colleges, hospitals and commercial centers. This makes the life of the residents more easy-going and convenient.

The transport system of Mohali boasts of having seamless connectivity via rail, bus or air. So, if you are staying in an independent floor you don’t need to worry about commuting to everyday places. You will get everything right in the vicinity of your building.

7.      A Stress-Free life

When you have a luxurious home that blends well with your style and class, you love to come back to your home and relax. Now, you don’t have to pay those hefty maintenance charges unlike in 3BHK flats in Mohali. Your space is exclusively yours and you can maintain/renovate it as per your choice and dreams.

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