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Importance of Bigger and Wider Balconies in Floors
30 Jun

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

Importance of Bigger and Wider Balconies in Floors No Comments

Importance of Bigger and Wider Balconies in Floors

When people are looking for a residential place to live in, they just need an additional x-factor for their homes apart from the traditional 3/2 BHK ones. This means having a spacious balcony and a greener outdoor space as well.  The value that a balcony adds to the home is way beyond adding a few square feet to the floor.

It’s the balcony that connects the inside to the outside. Or, rather I should put in this way that it opens up the living space to the outside world, those lively streets and exquisitely designed landscapes.   

Most of the residents of high-rise apartments complain having lesser balcony space. In fact, almost every upcoming project in Chandigarh and nearby areas are offering zero or lesser balcony area.

[email protected] has taken care of every single need of the common man and has exclusively designed bigger and wider balconies ever thereby boasting 5 Ft and 4 Ft wide balconies. Well, homes with such amenities are very scarce in the market but when they bang in the market, they are sold at exorbitant rates and that too quickly.    

The modern-day architects are redesigning the outdoor space concept so as to extend the living area, enliven the ordinary structure and infuse the buildings with greenery. Talking in a domestic sense, balconies are a very essential component of a home as they offer a place to dry laundry, relax in the fresh air and grow plants, etc.  Have a look at why having a bigger and wider balcony is a must have for your floor. 

1.  Add Property Value

The bigger and deeper balconies will add extra square footage to the property which increases the property value considerably. The floors with balconies are sold at a much faster pace than the ones which don’t have any outdoor space.

2.  Dine Al-Fresco

Now you don’t have to plan a hiking or camping trip just to enjoy the benefits of outdoor eating. Calm your mood and shred off your stress by stepping into the panoramic balcony.  A bigger balcony offers you ample space to create a bistro for your loved ones, friends or small gathering. You can easily enjoy the spring breezes and winter sun while you eat.

3.  Wake up with a Fresh Breeze

What can be a perfect start to the day?

Sitting in the balcony and enjoying your favorite java or green tea!

Watch the sunrise along with the mesmerizing fragrance of the freshly brewed coffee.

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4.  Weather Check

Imagine a scenario. You have dressed up for your office and just as you step out from your home, it starts raining. What will you do know?

The best way is before you select a dress just step out in the balcony to have the actual feel of the weather. It is indeed the best and most reliable method rather than blindly relying on TV, mobile or radio, etc.

With a balcony, hassles of going down and taking a flight of steps just to check the weather are eliminated as you can just walk to your balcony.

5.  Place for Plants

Most of the real estate projects come with no or small balcony size. With bigger balconies, just like those of Canvas, you can easily plan your own urban garden. Start with small plants and then slowly add-on and satisfy your passion for gardening.

Plants not just add an aesthetic value to your home but also helps bring the outdoors in.

6.  A Perfect Hangout Haven

You can easily arrange an array of bean bags, comfy chairs or couches and can transform your balcony into a perfect hangout haven. You can also add some blankets or pillows if the weather is cooler.

It will serve as a perfect spot for lazy days. Apart from this relaxation spree, you can also host small get together parties. You don’t need additional space to organize birthday parties or book separate kitty halls. The bigger and wider balconies can serve your guests well.      

7.  The View

If you live in a busy area or don’t have a garden/ lawn, then having a bigger balcony is the best option.  You can easily step out and enjoy the fresh air. The views offered by balconies are refreshing, amazing and unrivaled.

Standing in the balcony and getting soaked in the view is just amazing!  

8.  Pets

Locking your pets inside the house all day is definitely an injustice to them. Why not let them enjoy the outdoors from the balcony when you’re out for some time. The balcony offers a secure and safe place for the pets to have some fresh air apart from outdoors.

You can enjoy the luxury for granted at the Canvas. Located in the heart of the city, these independent floors with magnanimous balconies can be yours at a very reasonable cost fully falling within your budget. The independent floors at Canvas are completely eco-friendly and studded with all ornaments of modern living.

[email protected] Taking you a step closer to your Dream House!

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