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3BHK+1+1 Builder Floor in Mohali or Independent House? Which Option is Better?
30 Jun

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

3BHK+1+1 Builder Floor in Mohali or Independent House? Which Option is Better? No Comments

3BHK+1+1 Builder Floor in Mohali or Independent House? Which Option is Better?

Millennials today prefer to live an independent life nestled amid nature and loaded with amenities. There are several factors to be considered before zeroing in the dotted line. This post of Canvas enlightens the users on which option- Independent house or independent builder floor adds more quality to your life?

The ever-changing tastes of consumers in the real estate market have resulted in dynamic architectures and impressive designs. The focus has entirely shifted towards providing quality life amid the hammering cacophony of the ongoing rat race.

Independence” is like music to everyone’s ears. But, what exactly it means when it comes to housing? Most of the home buyers are in a dilemma between an independent house/villa and a 3BHK+1+1 independent builder floor in Mohali. Let’s delve deeper.

What is an independent builder floor?          

An independent builder floor is a perfect blend of independence sprinkled over community living. It’s more likely a low-rise building in a gated society that ensures safety, privacy and freedom to live. Unlike, high-rise apartments where one floor has many residential units, builder floors have one residential unit per floor.

Now, let’s strike a comparison between the builder floor and independent house by keeping in mind the user’s personal and financial preferences.

1.      Investment

Buying a 3BHK+1+1 independent builder floor is a wise investment decision as these are more saleable than independent homes. Apart from that, resale value or ROI is pretty higher in builder floors. Chances of theft and security breach are inevitably high in independent homes. You may need additional security to safeguard your home when you are not staying in for some reason.

But, independent builder floors are a part of gated society that has a top-notch security system deployed for 24/7 surveillance and security.

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2.      Financial Norms

The locality is something that drives convenience and makes life easy-going on a day to day basis. If you are on a limited budget and are exploring mid-segment range without compromising space and privacy, then buy independent floors in Mohali. The amenities of a gated township will make your stay pleasurable, easy and safe.

3BHK+1+1 independent builder floors in Mohali model the epitome of independence not only in outer space but inside as well. The separate servant room with separate bathroom allows you to keep you protected with greater levels of hygiene.

The recent global events related to the COVID-19 pandemic have made people prefer 3BHK+1+1 in Mohali over the traditional 3BHK flats in Mohali.

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3.      Commercial Access

A township is always surrounded by a commercial or shopping complex. This means that there a plethora of services available right at the doorstep. From shopping brands to world-class restaurants, laundry, plumbers, beauty parlours etc everything is available in the nick of the space.

Unlike in Independent homes, you have to step outside of your home and book an appointment for availing the services.

4.      For Family and Kids

Raising kids in an emerging city already come with a lot of benefits. Builder floors are built as a part of the township that has their own parks, lawns and play area for kids. The parents can freely let their children play as the township or Estate is totally secured with CCTV cameras as well as security guards.

Your parents or elderly can go for an evening walk along the park aisles and footpaths. Greenery and breeze of fresh air run down the much-needed serenity, peace and tranquility into the mind.

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5.      Bankable Builders

Scams and cons are most common when it comes to buying an independent house. But, things are entirely different when it comes to builder floors. The RERA Act has completely made the all the touchpoints of real estate transparent. You can easily check the concerned state RERA website to authenticate the project and rule all the risks and queries.

Canvas- Nature’s Own Residence Can Be Yours Now!

[email protected] (RERA Registration No.: PBRERA-SAS81-PR0418) is the Dream Project of the famous Property and Investment Consultant in Mohali- Mr. Balwiner Singh Kalra. His vision and sense of space is impressive and can be seen in the sample flat. These ultra-modern 3BHK+1+1 builder floors in Mohali are a part of the famous Wave Estate, sector 85.

Located in the heart of the city, you can enjoy all the major attractions of the city within reach. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of booking the flat as only a few are left. The allotment is based on a first come first serve basis.

Make your decision and call us for a site visit. [email protected] ensures the availability of all your needs under one Roof. For any doubts, inquiries or booking, you can call us at +91 97001 97007. You can also reach out to us at [email protected].

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