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5 Benefits of Apartment Living in Mohali for family and kids
12 Sep

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

3BHK In Mohali- 5 Benefits of Apartment Living in Mohali for Family and Kids No Comments

3BHK In Mohali- 5 Benefits of Apartment Living in Mohali for Family and Kids

A child doesn’t always need a spacious playroom or a big yard to play. Mostly what he needs is just the company of great friends for his overall grooming. This is the main reason that millennials today prefer 3BHK in Mohali over living in a single-family unit. Most of the parents of nuclear families choose a low-rise apartment building for raising their families in Tricity.

In fact, independent 3BHK floors in Mohali have always garnered the attention of potential buyers. They are actively seeking options in terms of affordability and safety for kids and families.  

Many elderly people believe that apartments are just for professionals, or students or the newlyweds. But, the truth is that apartment living is the best option when you have a family with kids and the elderly as well.

Let’s have a look at how kids and families are benefitted from close-knit families in floors.

1. Kids will actually feel the Real Unity in Diversity

An apartment building is a home for residents and visitors from all parts of the country. As Mohali is the most sought-after destination for home buyers, you will see a lot of rich cultural diversity in the area. With so many MNCs located in the vicinity, the apartments offer homes to people belonging to different religions, regions and cultures.

When the kids mingle with the prospective neighbors, their families and other floor-mates, they understand the practical aspects of social life. Just like the things that they have been studying in their social science books. Everything about the region, religion, food habits, dresses, etc and other cultural diversity can be experienced and witnessed.

The seeds of socialization are sown at a very early age in the children as they receive invaluable insights on diversity and people.   

2. Convenient Playmates

Staying in a low rise apartment ensures that children don’t need to commute to a different place to meet their playmates. The children living in 3BHK apartments in Wave Estate, Mohali just have to race up to the stairs to knock their friend’s home.

The lush green spaces around the Canvas offer a great and safe play area for the kids. Moreover staying in gated apartments as in Wave Estate ensures that the children are safe inside the building. In fact, in case of an emergency, you have neighbors to count upon for babysitting your children or keeping a watch on them.

3. Refreshing Outdoors

Gone are the days when children used to play on streets or outdoor games. In fact, with the ongoing insecurities and traffic, most of the families don’t allow their children to go out and play. In fact, parents keep children locked inside forcing them to either study the whole day or give them gadgets to suffice their entertainment needs.

But, we know that all work and no play makes a child dull and couch potato.

Apartment living actually motivates the parents to take their children downstairs and play with them or at least allow them to play with their playmates. All the insecurities related to children playing outside are ruled out by the presence of a gated apartment.

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Going out is not only good for kids but also imperative for the adults to preserve their sanity as it offers a great opportunity to socialize.

The 3BHK flats in Mohali promote green living as it significantly reduces the carbon footprint as compared to single-family houses.

4. More Family Moments

When multi families stay in closer proximity, a bond of trust and friendship evolves eventually. When they interact or celebrate the moments/ festivals together, the bond is further strengthened. The complete apartment becomes one big family which multiplies the happiness and divides the sorrows.

Also, apartment living helps in preserving cultural and social values, that shape us! These things are indispensable for kids, especially when they are being raised.

5. Safety

All the renowned buildings, estates and gated apartments in Mohali are offering high-end security systems such as CCTV, security guards, burglar system, etc.

A home in [email protected] offers homeowners a dual advantage of community as well as privacy. Above all, the low rise floors at Canvas offer additional safety when the children are around. The nonpareil security system makes the homeowners rest assured that an additional pair of eyes and ears are always monitoring your little ones.

If you are planning to buy a home, then there is no place better than Wave Estate Mohali, Punjab. The splendid infrastructural growth, green surroundings, and pure environment have further pushed Mohali as the much sought-after place for residential spaces. [email protected], Wave Estate, Mohali is soulfully designed to offer best in class amenities and quality lifestyle to its residents.

Strategically located, Canvas has 24 hours power backup, round the clock security, CCTV as well as lush green spaces. The project offers promising returns in the near future. [email protected] is the only project in Mohali offering two car spaces, a store, and a separate servant room along with luxurious and super spacious 3BHK in Mohali.

Booking for the floors has already started. It’s a now or never deal!

For enquiries please feel free to contact +91 97001 97007 or mail us at [email protected] For more information visit

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