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Importance of Separate Servant Washroom and Rest Area
26 Jul

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

3 BHK in Mohali- Importance of Separate Servant Washroom & Rest Area No Comments

3 BHK in Mohali- Importance of Separate Servant Washroom & Rest Area

Maids and servants have become a cornerstone for every family emerging into the urban milieu. As more and more women are joining the office league, it becomes obvious that they have to rely on domestic help for striking the much desired work-life balance.

Gone are the days when there were only a few hired full-time servants or domestic helpers. They were in particular associated with super-rich people of the society. The scenario has taken a turn.  Today, having a maid is no longer associated with luxury rather it’s the “need” which drives this picture. It’s more common with nuclear families that have more than one earning hand or for people who have a busy social life. Whatever the case may be, people just want a comfortable life which is free from the drudgery of daily house chores.  

When both husband and wife are earning, it becomes essential to keep a maid or servant for 24 hours or at least 10 hours, to carry out the day to day matters of the daily household chores.  People may grumble, but the truth is that they are ready to pay any amount for the domestic helpers.  

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Live-in maids have become a status symbol these days for the growing middle class and most common amongst the nuclear families. If you are a new person in the Tricity or have relocated recently, then a stay-in maid or servant is the best choice. Having a live-in servant or maid works wonders for single parents or working parents as the servants can easily take care of their child/ children as well as household chores simultaneously.  

Most of the apartments or even the newly built floors in the Tricity do not offer any servant room. Some of the builders, who offer it, provide just a small unfurnished and poorly designed room of really bad quality fittings.

Most of the families want to have a full-time stay-in servant/maid but don’t want to stay them at home. 

If you don’t have a separate rest area or washroom, it would mean that your servants would be using your bathrooms and would be taking a nap in your common areas.

To attend nature’s call, some servants hesitate to use their master’s washroom so they either use public toilets or prefer going to open areas. This is horribly unhygienic and may become a root cause of many bacterial and viral infections, most commonly gastroenteritis. Your children may easily get infected as the servants take care of your kids full day and in the worst case, it may damage the immunity levels of your kids.

They would be using your furniture to sit and relax. Also, they would be watching TV sitting next to you in their free hours or sleep in the common area strictly impeding your privacy.   

I don’t think any homeowner would like this.

But these servants are humans too. They do have feelings, they do get tired and they do need refreshment. The best possible way out is to have a separate room as well as a washroom for them. This serves a dual purpose, your privacy is not hampered and secondly, proper hygiene is maintained.  

Hygiene and privacy are two major important factors which must be thought of before buying any flat or floor. Canvas has an edge of giving a servant washroom and servant rest area on an independent floor. The servant rooms at Canvas are well planned with a separate entry. There is no connection with the main apartment offering full privacy to the apartment owners.

The servant rooms at Canvas are extremely spacious to accommodate a bed on which the helpers can take rest in their break or free time. There is enough room for a TV. Generally, servants are fond of TV serials and watch it in the owner’s bedroom. Now, no more breaching of your privacy as the servants can have their own Television.

The servant washrooms are equipped with excellent quality bathing facilities and sanitary works. At Canvas Wave Estate, we are also providing proper storage for keeping servant essentials so that the room can be maintained properly without any mess. 

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Canvas is located in sector 85, Mohali, which is an integral and fastest developing part of the Tri-City of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula.  As stated by TimesofIndia, Mohali is complete and sufficient in every aspect, offering an excellent quality life in pan India. It is one of the much sought-after destinations for investment, educational institutions and other proactive governmental frameworks in North India.

Mohali is picturesquely ensconced in the Shivalik Range offering a magical experience of all four seasons. Canvas is well connected with all major landmarks of the city and offers closer proximity to major public destinations such as Malls, Hospitals, IT Park, Airport, etc. Get a home which is “Nature’s own Residence”.

 It’s a Now or Never opportunity. Get your favorite 3 BHK in Mohali booked at Canvas today. For more information, visit or call us anytime at +91 97001 97007.

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