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3 BHK in Mohali
21 Jul

By Balvinder Singh Kalra

Category: blog

3 BHK in Mohali- An Ideal Size for Nuclear Families No Comments

3 BHK in Mohali- An Ideal Size for Nuclear Families

Every family wishes for a dream house fully equipped with modern facilities- resonating well with its status and comfort. In today’s time, nuclear families are a lot more financially stable than the joint ones. Finding a 3 BHK in the Tricity is not a big deal, but finding a good one certainly is. It requires you to connect with the professionals. While the potential home buyers are on a home-hunting spree, they must take into account several factors such as location, carpet area, accessibility to major landmarks of the city, space, amenities, neighborhood and many more on the list.

Most of the time, people get confused about whether to go for 3BHK or 2 BHK independent floors or flats. 3BHK(3 Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen) is an ideal size for any nuclear family needs and is indeed the best option recommended by the industry professionals.

After demonetization, the majority of the people are buying flats for their own residence and not for investments. This scenario clearly indicates that buying any house is a lifetime decision and years of savings are at stake.

Having a 3BHK gives the children and parents their own personal space with an extra bedroom that can be used either by guests or grandparents or turned into the workplace. Stupefying balconies just add an aesthetic touch to the outer space.
There are a plethora of options available in Tricity especially in the fast-developing sectors of Mohali – which are serving as a much sought-after place for home buyers.

Let’s check out some reasons so as to why 3BHK serves as an ideal size home for nuclear families if you want to buy a builder floor in Punjab.

1. More space

Yes! A good amount of space at your disposal.

Everyone wants to have a little more space in their home.

More space accounts for comfortable living and ample storage. With children the count of things needed is endless. Moreover, a spacious home aims to keep you stress-free when guests or friends arrive and have good plans to stay with you.
Apart from that, you can easily transform the third room into your office or workplace or study.

2. The Bedrooms

The potential homebuyers in the Tricity want a huge master bedroom that serves as a peaceful gateway from their busy and overwhelming schedules. At Canvas, we have made every possible effort to make the master bedroom fully spacious, comfortable and offer you an elegant retreat from your busiest daily chores.

Having a special space for kids in a home makes the kids feel more comfortable as it embarks a feeling of independent living in them. A dedicated kids’ room helps you to keep all your children’s belongings such as toys, books, stationery, clothes, etc at one place. This casts a magical spell on children as they learn to organize things and other housekeeping aspects. All the children’s belongings can be kept in a hassle-free and convenient manner rather than creating a mess in the master bedroom.

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At Canvas we also offer a separate servant rest area with a separate washroom. Now you don’t have to vacate any room or use the kitchen as a sleeping area for your servant.

An additional spacious store is just like a cherry on the top. Here, you can keep all your extra stuff or things that are currently not in use. Very few apartments/ builder floors in Mohali offer store and servant room.

3. Zero Parking Woes

Nowadays, most of the families have two cars and the offered car parking area is only for one and that too is very restricted. Canvas is offering a huge parking space sufficient for two cars.

4. Terrace Area and Balconies

Terrace area and balconies are an indispensable part of any building which not only offers a great view but also sitting in the balconies act as a stress buster.

The air-conditioned and expansive landscaping lobbies of Canvas are offering a new standard in condominium living.

The stunning balconies at Canvas are designed to cater to all your future needs. You can even host a small party or get-together. The view offered is beyond words and is just mesmerizing.

5. The Price

Well, most people don’t know that difference between a 2 BHK and a 3 BHK flat is close by. And whatsoever be the reason for buying 2BHK, sooner or later the family feels a lack of space and switches to a 3 BHK. So, why not buy it in the first attempt?

A Limitless Way Of Life @ Canvas

If you talk about affordability, future requirements, spaciousness, and stress-free living, then go for 3 BHK in Mohali offered by Canvas Sector 85, WaveEstate. Our well-planned and independent builder floors are a masterpiece of architectural design and are giving new goals for luxury living. Canvas promises to ensure that your family lives with complete style, status, comfort, and modernity.

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